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First Digital Drug!
Experience a legal buzz from the first digital drug!
Headache Release
Let go of headaches and migraines in minutes
Ultra-Deep Meditation
Instantly meditate deeper than ever before
Razor Sharp Focus
Einstein's Mind
Power Siesta
Total Relaxation
Chakra Balancing
The Inventor
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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Want to try one of our recordings, but not too keen on risking your money?

Don't worry -- you're totally covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

We know you'll absolutely love your binaural beat recording. And if you DON'T, we're happy to hand you ALL of your money back (minus shipping and handling costs). We're not here to take money for products you don't like... just try out our products and return if they don't fit your needs.

It sounds like a clich�d sales pitch, however you really don't have ANYTHING to lose!

You have a whole 30 days from the time you order in which to return your MP3s. Also, note that you can only return a maximum of five MP3s within any six month period.

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Want to return a MP3?

No problem! Simply complete the following simple steps to obtain your refund:

1. Return your MP3(s)

First, please send your MP3 or MP3s back to the address on the front of the package you received. You will also need to include a brief note with your order number in the package.

2. Sign our refund document

Next you will need to print out and sign our refund document.

3. Contact us!

Finally, write to us via our dedicated support site,, stating that you are requesting a refund. You will be provided with a fax number to send your signed refund document. Then, when your MP3s have been returned to our warehouse, you will be automatically refunded.

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