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Total Relaxation MP3

Feel the stresses of the day just drip away...

Quick Facts

Length of recording
: 60 minutes
Technician: George Torrez
Price: $29.95 (around �18.95, or 21.95 Euros)
Delivery: 100% FREE to anywhere in the world
Guarantee: Return for 100% refund if not satisfied

Use the Total Relaxation MP3 for:

  • Getting the mind into a very relaxed state
  • Falling asleep, curing insomnia
  • Reducing stress, overcoming obstacles
  • Revitalizing the entire body with a deep "cat nap"
  • Calming your mind prior to an important speaking event

Total Relaxation MP3 - Instructions

Using the Total Relaxation MP3 couldn't be simpler!

Like all our binaural beat recordings, simply slip on your stereo headphones and press the "Play" button on your MP3 player. The binaural beats will automatically begin affecting your brainwaves, and you'll soon realize the benefit - pure relaxation and ultimate stress relief!

Total Relaxation MP3 - Your Experience

You're stressed. You've worked so much this week. You have deadlines, pressures, financial issues. You need a week at a relaxation spa.

But you're happy, as you know you CAN have just that. You sit back, hit "Play" on your MP3 player and begin to chill out. As the gentle sounds swish around in your head, you begin to feel your body slowly relaxing, muscle by muscle. You don't feel sleepy or drowsy... in fact, you're starting to feel quite euphoric... you can really start to appreciate and enjoy exactly how relaxed you truly are.

Your body feels totally light and your mood is perfectly serene. You wish you could feel like this every hour of the day. Your mind is no longer dashing around with thoughts of stock markets and "To Do" lists. Instead it is playfully contemplating the Universe... thinking about how warm and soft your sofa feels... all as your brain creates and releases natural serotonin relaxants, making you feel just great. It sounds clich�d and you know it... but you feel at one. With everything.

Slowly, after an hour, the session ends... but your mood and relaxed nature continue. This has been a fantastic session. Suddenly nothing is a problem. You're simply happy... happy that after your virtual week at the relaxation spa, you can really feel this good.


Total Relaxation MP3 - Spotlight Testimonial

"I now routinely listen to this MP3 every night... totally tranquil!
... And the tones are so deep, I'm asleep within minutes"

- Harry Danley (Hartford, Connecticut)
- harry.danley@b****.com

Total Relaxation MP3 - Frequencies Used

As part of our dedication to being an open, transparent organization, here are the frequencies utilized in the production of the Total Relaxation MP3:

0.9 Hz - Euphoric feeling

1 Hz - Well being. Harmony and balance

1 - 3 Hz - Profound relaxation, restorative sleep. Tranquility and peace

2.5 Hz -
Pain relief. Relaxation. Sedative effect

3 - 8 Hz -
Deep relaxation, meditation. Lucid dreaming

3.5 Hz -
Feeling of unity with everything

3.9 Hz -
Self renewal, enhanced inner awareness

4 - 7 Hz -
Profound inner peace, emotional healing. Lowers mental fatigue

4.5 Hz -
Shamanic state of consciousness, Tibetan chants

4.9 Hz -
Induces relaxation and deeper sleep

5 Hz -
Reduces amount of sleep required. Relaxed states

5.5 Hz -
Inner guidance, intuition

7.5 Hz -
Ease of overcoming troublesome issues

7.83 Hz -
Schumann earth resonance. Leaves you revitalized

9.5 - 10 Hz -
Used as gateway to theta / beta

10 Hz -
Enhanced release of serotonin (mood elevator)

11 Hz -
Relaxed yet awake state

14 Hz -
Awake and alert state. Focusing, vitality

Carriers: Binaural 136.1 Hz -
Sun, light, warmth. Relaxation
Phase modulated frequencies 272.2 Hz -
Doubled binaural frequency to create relaxing harmonic of 136.1 Hz
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